Do you feel distressed when you look at the electricity bill and you care for the environment?

Then we have a solution for you.

BRIQ helps to preserve our planet for future generations

and at the same time reduces the cost of electricity.

What is BRIQ?

It is an ecosystem - a self-learning device that reduces the operating costs of your heating system (boiler, heat pump ...)


Firstly, to offer all the people in the world the opportunity to pay a lower electric bill. Secondly, to make sure that the burden on nature is reduced, for which the coming generation of young people who are already experiencing climate impacts, will be grateful.

How are we going to do this?

Together with you, of course. We install a BRIQ device on each boiler or hot water heat pump, connect it via Wi-Fi to the Internet, and automatically control it in real-time in such a way that the maximum consumption is pushed to a lower tariff period, while always hot enough for smooth use. Our BRIQ client also obtains a BRIQ application through which it can start and shut down its device and monitor consumption.

Could we do more?

Certainly. And we will. We will support even more household appliances that require electricity to operate. We have also developed an algorithm that controls devices in such a way as to provide "flexibility" for electricity traders or those responsible for the stability of the electricity grid. Therefore, it is an energy potential that can be used in the event of high or low electricity in the grid.

Who is a BRIQ customer?

A BRIQ customer is anyone who has a heating system that uses a boiler or a heat pump.

BRIQ picture and end user application

Today’s household energy consumers have few choices when it comes to managing their consumption. Energy prices fluctuate according to the time of day, or other conditions that may change at a moment’s notice. And there’s no real-time interaction between the power company and the consumer, so no possibility to achieve greater efficiencies and thus lower everyone’s costs. But there is a solution. We see the future of grid balancing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We can manage energy much more efficiently for both producers and consumers using AI. In addition to lowering costs and improving efficiency, AI can reduce grid volatility. It enables the implementation of IoT solutions. Control of devices with the help of AI brings a better user experience, while improving the volatility of the energy network. AI can solve complex challenges and take care of the environment. After all, today’s power network runs primarily on fossil fuels and batteries, both of which present environmental risks.

Comparison of power consumption before installation of the BRIQ smart system and after installation.

Power consumption without BRIQ device.
Power consumption with BRIQ installed.

You convinced me. How much does BRIQ cost?

Usually, every fairy tale ends here. Ours is just getting started. There is no cost to BRIQ. Nič, nada, zero, 没什么, niente. All you have to do is order the device.