About cookies

Here you can find information about what cookies are and how they are used on briqapp.com. This page offers a better understanding of how we use cookies, what kind of cookies we use and the information we collect. For more information on how we store and protect your information, read our privacy page.

Cookies are small text files, used by almost all websites on the Internet and stored on your device to make it easier for websites to recognize your device when it accesses the site. You can manage the cookies stored on your device using your browser. Cookies are not dangerous and are time-limited.


Emergency cookies

These cookies are required for the website to function properly and cannot be turned off. They are usually created because of your activities on a page, such as submitting a form, saving privacy settings, etc.

You can set your browser to block these cookies or warns you about them. These cookies do not store information that personally identifies you.

Setting cookies

These cookies help the website remember information based on your previous visits (setting the language of the website).

Statistical cookies

These cookies help us to analyse the website visit by collecting visit data anonymously.

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