Frequently asked questions

It is an ecosystem – a self-learning device that reduces the operating costs of your heating system (boiler, heat pump,…)

BRIQ switches the operation of your boiler or heat pump so that they operate for as long as possible during the lower tariff period without running out of hot water at any time. It does this completely automatically, via your home wireless Wi-Fi network. It also reduces the amount of electricity consumed.

The unit monitors your hot water consumption and the functioning of the boiler or heat pump. It switches optimally by paying the lowest possible electricity price. It does this automatically, via your home wireless Wi-Fi network.

Let us give you an example: Your family usually takes a shower between 8 pm and 9 pm, and then you do not need hot water until 6am when your first family member leaves for work. The water heater will not be heated between 9 pm and 10 pm when the price of electricity is higher and then unnecessarily all night. It will turn on at a time of low tariff, but early enough to keep you warm when you need it.

No, you can terminate your contract at any time at no cost.

As a BRIQ user, you will benefit from your electricity supplier. The device also allows them to regulate the consumption of electricity throughout the system so that they will prepare a special offer for you. We believe that you will always have the cheapest electricity as a BRIQ user.

Our qualified installers will have everything you need to install and install for free. Operating and maintaining BRIQ devices will not be a cost to you.

BRIQ operates on its own. Alternatively, you can turn BRIQ on or off at any time. The BRIQ management application is simple and free for the user.

If we add up to lower consumption and lower electricity costs, then, according to our calculations, a four-member family with an 80-litre boiler can save at least $20 a year.

The BRIQ controls the operation of your boiler or heat pump so that you do not run out of hot water when you need it.

Call us on our mobile number 031 490 407 and we will dismantle BRIQ for free.